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Eating foods on an empty stomach can cause serious harm

Eating foods on an empty stomach can cause serious harm morning FoodDr Alex told DailyHealthbd Many of us eat foods that are...

Drug Giants Create Fund to Bolster Struggling Antibiotic Start-Ups

New medicines are desperately needed to treat a growing number of drug-resistant infections, but many companies developing the drugs are short on...

Hemoglobin high

Hemoglobin high-DailyHealthbd

Mask protection efficiency

Mask protection efficiency

Everyday How Much Water need for you?

The researchers estimated that drinking 68 ounces (2 liters) in one day increased energy expenditure by about 96 calories per day, Some people may...

When wash your hands?

#When_wash_hands #hand_wash #hand_cleaning #hand #COVID_19

Stress About COVID-19 Keeping You Awake? 6 Tips for Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is paramount for the health of your brain and body. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic...

10 pandemic that kills billions of people

Pandemic: The worst case scenario for infectious diseases is when an epidemic occurs. Currently, the new coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic....

Billions of people will survive, if they follow this rules

Lifestyle: The number of people infected and killed by coronavirus infection is jumping every day. The countries have taken various steps including ensuring...

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What to do in unbearable pain of teeth

How do you stop a toothache at home? teeth pain medicine below.Toothache is extremely painful, so follow some home remedies to maintain...

Helping Children With Anxiety in the Pandemic

Yes, this is an anxious time, and yes, everyone is anxious, but it is particularly hard to be an anxious kid in...

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