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If you don’t brush your teeth twice, your immunity will be weakened

Many people have the habit of brushing their teeth twice in the morning and at night. Again, many stop at just one time. Many people do not want to brush their teeth due to laziness.

You know what? Brushing your teeth twice a day eliminates cavities and bad breath, as well as controlling the risk of many other diseases. According to medical science, a soft tissue called the biological width protects the base of each tooth by brushing twice.

This protective shield maintains healthy immunity by preventing germs from entering the body from the teeth. So to get good oral health and improved immunity, you have to keep the inside of the mouth clean.

There are several parts to this work. First of all, eating habits must be healthy so that diseases can be avoided. In addition, if there are more nutrients in the diet and less sugar, the ingredients for making plaque will be less in the mouth.

Plaque is a by-product of bacteria in the mouth, sugars in food and drink, and so on. That is why teeth decay and various gum diseases occur.

According to the American Dental Association, everyone should brush their teeth twice. Those who have diabetes or have reduced immunity should also use more toothbrushes and floss.

Consequences of not brushing regularly
If you do not brush your teeth regularly, bacteria will start to accumulate in your mouth. At one point, these bacteria enter the bloodstream from the mouth through infected gums or wound parts of the teeth. This will activate the body’s immune system and secrete T-reactive protein (CPR) from the liver. The immune system responds to any inflammation. However, if this material is constantly excreted, health problems can occur.

Those are at higher risk
Adults are considered to be at higher risk of tooth decay. However, experts say that about 40 percent of children suffer from tooth decay before they are admitted to school. This increases their risk of many other diseases in the future. So the habit of brushing teeth twice a day should be mastered with special importance.

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