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Farzana Hossain is the best doctor of the year in the UK

Farzana Hossain is the best doctor of the year in the UK
Farzana Hossain, a British citizen of Bangladeshi origin, has been named the best doctor of the year in the United Kingdom. He provided health care from the front lines during the Corona epidemic. The British government has recognized his important contribution regardless of his death.

The country’s National Health Service (NHS) recently named him the UK’s Physician of the Year. The health department of England has made a billboard with 12 of its own health workers ahead of the NSS’s anniversary celebrations on Sunday. Farzana has taken a place with others in recognition of her hard work and dedication.

Farzana Hossain, a daughter of Sylhet, Bangladesh, who lives in Newham, East London, has been winning the title at the local level for the last 18 years. This time he was nominated as the best doctor of the year at the national level.
Details Dr Farzana
Farzana Hossain is the best doctor of the year in the UK
Dr. Farzana Hossain’s father migrated from Bangladesh in 1970. He has worked from the front line to deal with the coronavirus situation. In addition to providing healthcare online over the past few months, he has also provided healthcare at vaccination clinics.

Dr. Farzana Hossain and her team have played a key role in treating British patients in the Corona epidemic. Dr. Farzana has been on the local medical committee in Newham for the past three years. He has also served as Board Director of the General Practice Federation of Newham. Also Dr. Farzana is a council member of the NAPC in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Farzana Hossain is currently the CEO of the National Association of Primary Care in the United Kingdom. Dr. Farzana Hossain told DailyHealthbd her goal is to ensure the health benefits of the economically disadvantaged.
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