When wash your hands?

#When_wash_hands #hand_wash #hand_cleaning #hand #COVID_19
#When_wash_hands #hand_wash #hand_cleaning #hand #COVID_19
  1. You should also make sure to wash up after you’ve shaken hands at a social or work function, as hand-to-hand contact is a common way germs spread, It’s also wise to wash your hands and change your clothes after you get home from being out in public, and to wash your hands frequently during the workday, According to the CDC, the average office worker’s desk is covered in more germs than a bathroom toilet seat………..
  2. After handling garbage, recycling, and taking out the trash
  3. Before and after administering first aid, including treating your own cut or wound
  4. Before and after eating
  5. After using the bathroom
  6. After sneezing, blowing your nose, or coughing
  7. After caring for your pet, including feeding, walking, and petting
  8. After changing a child’s diaper or helping them with toilet training
  9. After touching a surface that may have been frequently touched by others (doorknobs, tables, handles, shopping carts, etc.)
  10. Before, during, and after cooking, especially when handling chicken, beef, pork, eggs, fish, or seafood
  11. before touching your face (eyes, nose, and mouth in particular)
  12. After being in a public place…….



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