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The way corona sufferers do lung exercises

Many people are receiving treatment for coronavirus at home. For this reason, experts are emphasizing on the treatment as well as lung exercises to recover from Kovid-19.

Additional Director General of the Department of Health, Professor. Nasima Sultana has said in several regular briefings that at this time you will continue to do lung exercises or breathing exercises regularly. This is because coughing can often cause shortness of breath. Continue breathing exercises regularly.

The way people who are diagnosed with coronavirus can do lung exercises
Chest specialist Dr. Raushan Ara Khanam said, “Those who have to be hospitalized or go to the ICU after being infected with coronavirus have more lung damage.” We have seen that it takes a long time for them to recover from that loss. They later need a ‘lung rehabilitation program’.

However, those who are receiving treatment from home, they can also do these rehabilitation exercises if they want.

Deep breathing exercises

Hold the breath for as long as possible with the chest full – then exhale slowly. This results in the exercise of the lung cells, so that it cannot be permanently damaged.

For this reason, doctors are advising you to sit comfortably with your back straight. Then first all the air in the lungs should be expelled by breathing through the mouth. Then take a deep breath and fill the lungs with air as much as possible.

Then hold your breath for as long as possible. Let all the air out together again. This type of exercise can be done at least twice a day. This will increase the efficiency of the lungs.

Physiotherapy specialist said. Dr Alex said Daily Healthbd that one should try to hold the chest for at least 10 seconds with a long breath. One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three to understand 10 seconds … thus ten can be counted.

Incentive sparometry exercises
Chest specialist Dr. Raushan Ara Khanam says the exercise is recommended for hospital patients as well as outdoor patients. Here a small device has three balls. Patients have to inhale those balls inside the device. The first day may be one, the next day another, thus gradually increasing the ability to pick up the ball. You have to pick up three balls and slowly release them again. This increases the capacity of the lungs.

Sleeping on your back

Chest specialist Dr. Alex said Daily Healthbd that when coronavirus is infected, the human body often lacks oxygen. This is due to decreased lung function. Therefore, if you are lying on your back or lying on your back, the supply of oxygen to the body increases. It is better not to use any pillow under the head while lying down like this.

However, if the chest feels too heavy or if it is more difficult to breathe, you must seek the help of a doctor, says chest specialist Dr.Alex Daily Healthbd.

Raise your hands while breathing

Physiotherapy specialist said. Altaf Hossain Sarkar says, “We often advise patients to raise their hands when they breathe in, and lower their hands when they stop breathing.” This will be an exercise of the body parts with breathing.

When you take a deep breath again, you have to put your hand under the ribs of the chest and feel that the chest is swollen like a balloon. Then it has to be pressed out again. This should be done at least a few times a day.

Close your nose and breathe

First close the left side of the nose with your hands and take a long breath on the right side. Hold your breath for 5-10 seconds. Then exhale. Then hold the right side of the nose and breathe in the same way. In the same way hold for 5-10 seconds and exhale. Practice this way several times a day.


Physiotherapy specialist said. Ahsan says,Daily Healthbd many times we advise patients to take steam. Those taking treatment from home can take hot water vapor. That is also good for the lungs.

The British Long Foundation suggests that deep breathing exercises can help remove more mucus from the lungs and help move more air. To do this exercise you need to take 5-10 deep breaths. Then repeat with a loud cough a few times. This will make the lungs stronger.
In order to increase the capacity of the lungs, after being infected with the coronavirus, you have to start walking and increase your physical capacity. Next time the walking speed will increase further. These exercises are not short-term exercises. The practice of this exercise should be continued for a long time.

In cases where these exercises cannot be done

Although doctors recommend exercise to increase lung capacity, if someone has shortness of breath, chest pain or cough, it is better not to do this type of exercise. Those who have chronic heart or lung disease must consult a doctor before exercising.

If you feel sick or have difficulty breathing while exercising, stop exercising immediately and rest. If the problem is more, you need to contact the doctor.

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