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Billions of people will survive, if they follow this rules

Lifestyle: The number of people infected and killed by coronavirus infection is jumping every day. The countries have taken various steps including ensuring social distance to prevent transmission. Researchers also say that it is possible to prevent half the death of COVID-19 infections by following the rules of social distance alone. According to experts, approved drugs and antidotes to fight coronavirus infection have not yet been developed. Therefore, tests have to be strengthened in disease detection. And in addition to following hygiene, it is important to maintain at least 3 feet or 1 meter distance between each other, avoiding public meetings and not using public transportation. That is, maintaining the social distance to prevent infection is the current solution.

A team of researchers from Imperial College London, London, UK, have developed a mathematical model. The report was released last Monday. The model has been taken into account in 11 countries in Europe, considering the various steps taken by the government in addition to infection rates and medical care. These countries are Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Austria. The report provides a conceptual account of how many deaths could have been caused if different measures, including social distance, were not taken in those 11 countries.

Researchers at Imperial College London comment on the results of the mathematical model, saying that as many as 20 million people could die this year in the Corona epidemic. But if the rules of social distance are not obeyed, death can exceed 40 million. If strictly social distance were to be ensured earlier, 38.7 million deaths would have been avoided. The World Health Organization is also emphasizing compliance with social distance.

Isolation and quarantine :

Imperial College London reports that due to various measures, including ensuring social distance, it has been possible to prevent 59,000 deaths in those 11 countries by March 31 due to various measures. If these steps are continued until the rate of infection is reduced, it will be possible to prevent many more deaths. The report sets the example of China’s action. In the city of Wuhan in the country’s Hubei province, strict restrictions were imposed on January 23 and other measures were taken. One of these steps was isolation and quarantine. Infection and death began to decline in February. By March 19, local transit in Wuhan had dropped to zero.

Various steps have been taken in the countries of Europe as well. Governments adhere to the rules of social distance as well as provide different directions. However, the report noted that there was a difference of nationality in implementing these directives. In another research article published last week in the medical journal Lancet, the spread of corona infection was somewhat hampered by social distance. In a 29 march report, the World Health Organization also emphasized repeated washing of hands, maintaining intermittent etiquette, avoiding contact with patients and suspected patients to prevent COVID-19 infection.


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